Sharks vs. Planes

Just over a year ago, a large female great white shark was tagged off the coast of Florida. She has a tracker on her allowing scientists to follow her through the use of satellites, following her movements to learn more about the species. The people who tagged her named her Lydia.

Now, in the year since Lydia was tagged, she traveled up and down the American coastline and out into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It looked like Lydia was heading for the great country of England, and I know people keeping an eye out for her. The fact that she is heading to England is interesting since, as far as I know, there have been no sightings of great whites near England. When one thinks about it, with the Gulf Stream current and the seal populations, English waters are not a bad place for a great white to make a home. Ok, the commute would suck, I wouldn’t swim the Atlantic, but I am not a shark.

I may not agree with how this shark was tagged as I think it could have been harmful to her. Just the stress alone probably could have been lethal, but since she is tagged, I am glad we are learning something from her.

Now, what does this have to do with planes? Well, as we all know a Boeing 777 recently disappeared. And while I do not buy into all of the conspiracy theories, which is odd since I love conspiracy theories, I do have to wonder why we can track a shark, even one as big as a great white, but we cannot track a plane the size of a 777. Yes, I understand that the transponder was turned off for some reason. I also understand that looking for a plane in the ocean is a monumental task, but we should have technology to track this plane to wherever it went down (if it did actually crash). We have boats crab fishing in Alaskan waters that have a device on board which once it is submerged alerts the coats guard where it sank. I know that these planes need to save weight wherever they can and I also know that the radar in that area of the world does not have the coverage that radar over America has.

But come on, we can tract sharks across the Atlantic, why can’t we get better tracking devices on these planes. Of course, if alien abduction was involved, a tracking device may not help.

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