The Mighty Brain

It is amazing how the human mind works, or in my case, doesn’t work. For example, yesterday morning, I woke up fine. Sure, I didn’t want to get up, but I woke up fine. In fact, I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm clock went off. I don’t normally get up at 4:45 in the morning on weekends, but my I can normally wake-up without my alarm clocks help during workdays. And yesterday, I functioned all morning as if it was Tuesday, which is convenient, since it actually was Tuesday. However, my boss needed to move our usual Wednesday meeting forwards a day due to being out at the time of the Wednesday meeting.

And then it happened. From that point on my brain functioned like it was Wednesday. I was fine before the meeting, but you change one little detail in my life, one little routine piece of the week, and my timing is off. The best (or worst) part of this mental time change was that I didn’t even realize it was still Tuesday till I was getting ready for bed. I was planning for a Thursday when it hit me how wrong I was. And due to this, I felt like I added a day to my workweek, which is rough since this one of my five-day workweeks.

It’s amazing how the human brain can be affected like that. Just think about that, one small minor change can screw up your internal clock. Add this current thought process (I thought today was Thursday all day) to the fact that we lost an hour over the weekend and my internal clock should be really screwed up. I have no idea how I awoke without the help of an alarm clock or my three alarm cats, but I did.

Even their internal clocks seem off, but they are cats, so it is hard to tell. They just seem to be napping at different times.

I wish I could sleep off this time change.

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