About Time

This warm weather got me thinking about kayaking and how much I miss being out there with paddling on the water. I cannot wait to get the kayaks back in the water, but I am not looking forward to squeezing my fat ass into a wetsuit. That will also be an issue with SCUBA diving, but I was thinking about kayaking. It is so peaceful to be out on the water, alone with your thoughts and maybe a few drunk fishermen.

Yes, I kayak alone almost all of the time. Yes, I know it’s dangerous. Yes, I know that if something went wrong, nobody may notice. The first time I was almost hit by a fisherman’s boat taught me all of that, but I enjoy being alone with my thoughts and off the grid. I usually have my phone with me in a waterproof armband, but only so I could use it in an emergency, assuming that I could even use it.

However, having said all of that, I have gone out kayaking with other people, it just doesn’t happen often.  Actually, I have gone kayaking with for women, one of them being my mom and one of them being my ex-wife. And on top of that, I have only gone out kayaking with each woman only once, including my mother. I don’t know why that is, I did enjoy each time. And we did talk about going out another time, it just never happened. We never set it up, and part of me does regret that. Well, in some cases.

It seems that once I let someone into my kayaking world, I never let that person back into that world again. Actually, excluding my mother, I don’t even talk to the people I have gone kayaking with as much as I used to. Which should be expected of the ex-wife, but I also drifted away from my friends.

It’s a shame, but it’s true.

Of course, I also wonder why I only kayak with women. Never mind, I know why that is.

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