Not what I wanted

I had a great idea for today’s blog. It was perfect, and probably would have taken up about 400 words. The problem is that I only remember that it was a great idea. I cannot remember what it was. I haven’t a clue anymore. That makes me sad, and wonder about Alzheimer’s and if I have it. I mean, I do feel pretty damn old. I also realize that if I have an idea for a blog, I should write that down. Immediately. A fellow blogger even warned me about that. I guess he has experience in forgetting ideas and now knows to write that crap down. So, now that I forgot my topic, I guess I’ll write about forgetting my topic, and about today’s moving day.

So yes, while I have to be out of my current desk and into the new terrible location by tomorrow, I did spend part of today making minor moves. And when I say minor, I mean really minor. I would move one or two things at a time. That’s fine when it comes to heavy things, like the monitors I have yet to move, but those paper clips took me forever. Ok, I didn’t actually move the paper clips yet, but I did start with my shark photos. And those I took down, moved, and rehung one at a time. I guess I could have moved them all at once, but I am not in the mood to even move. I just don’t have a choice.

I also learned that I should not be left in charge of keys. Turns out that when I first moved into my seat, I was given four keys for the cabinets at the desk. I thought it was three, but I could only find one. One I had on my key chain with my house key, my mailbox key, and three keys I had no idea what they went to. But I had no idea where the other three office keys were (still thought I was only missing two at the time). Key number two was found buried on one of my shelves, underneath a bunch of paperwork and other crap. I thought key three was at my house, I don’t know why but I remember bring the key home for some reason. So, when I got home for work, I found key three sitting on my dryer.

Now, I said I thought it was three keys but it turned out it was four. Turns out that I had key four on me the whole time. It was on the MINI’s key (I keep the car key and the house keys separate). I can’t explain why I had my desk drawer keys on both my house keychain and my car keychain, but I did. And I didn’t lose one.

Well, I did lose three, but I did find them in the end.

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