Just Plain Rude

Last night I went to Buffalo Wild Wing with a couple of friends. Yes, I know, a vegetarian at Buffalo Wild Wings sounds odd. However, they actually have some decent options for a vegetarian. And not just the usual mozzarella sticks. I had a black bean burger, and it was excellent. Add the Guinness I had with it, and it was a pretty good meal, not exactly healthy, but it sure was tasty. Although I am sure I didn’t enjoy my meal as much as my friends.

Now the waitress, on the other hand, was just rude. Sure our meals came out perfect, and actually pretty quickly. Sue she was there asking if we needed anything quite often. Sure, she refilled our drinks quickly and didn’t rush us out. Ok, even her “rudeness” was just her being sarcastic. It was fantastic. When one of us wasn’t ready to order, she came back a few minutes later and asked “Are you ready to order yet?” She teased one of us when he needed little bit of milk to recover from the spiciness of his food. And for the record, that was not me. She brought out this little milk container, which actually reminded me of Kindergarten.

And I actually have to say; I enjoyed the banter that went on between her and us. That’s what the restaurant experience should be, fun. Servers are on their feet all day, and they have to deal with customers all day. And not all customers are pleasant to deal with. I know this from working at the liquor store, and I was lucky enough to have a boss who felt that the customer was not always right. Back then I had a boss who actually supported his employees. So, yes, our waitress probably had a long day, but she was still fun and pleasant. And yes, we tipped her well.

Remember that when you are at a restaurant, and your waitress may be having an off day. You have no idea what she has been through all day. Yes, she is there to serve you your meal, but there is no need to be rude to them. And remember, they don’t even make minimum wage in most cases, so tip well.

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