Comfort Film

Most people, when they are sick or unhappy or depressed, go and eat something. Something that is usually sweet (and unhealthy) like ice cream or soda. Heck, even my parents gave me ginger ale when I was sick as a kid. I know that it’s not really a comfort “food”, but it comforts me now. I don’t really eat desserts, and while I do drink soda, I don’t drink it often. In fact, I try to limit myself to drinking soda once a week, making it my dessert. What I do when I am feeling down or sick is throw on one of my favorite films.

2010: The Odyssey Continues is a film I have watched hundreds of times. Now, I say I have watched it hundreds of times, but that’s not exactly true. I have watched it so often that I have the first spoken scene (excluding the “My god, it’s full of stars” opening) nearly memorized. What usually happens now is that I put the DVD into the player, hit play, and fall asleep before the first scene even starts. And the fantastic part is that I would always wake up to the same scene each time. Usually right before or right after (spoilers) Jupiter explodes. I have this movie so ingrained into my head that I can almost use the movie as an alarm clock. So, the movies has been played hundreds of times, but not really watched that much.

It’s not that I am bored with this film; I still love the film in its entirety. Of course, the book was better, that goes without saying. There was an entire second plot in the book that just gave it more depth. And the special effects are not the greatest, but they are not that bad considering the movie was made in the mid 80’s. It did have some good actors. John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, and Roy Scheider all have staring roles in the film. Even the original David Bowman actor from 2001 reprised his role.

So yes, when I am feeling down, you can count on me putting on 2010 and falling asleep on the couch. I only wish I could just throw on the movie and not also eat comfort food like goldfish and animal crackers. Stupid fattening vegetarian junk food.

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