Too Chipper

One of my customers called today, half an hour before my scheduled leave time. Of course, I could have been unprofessional and ignored it, but I decided to take a change on getting off the phone in time to leave as scheduled. The call was from a funding person from an organization located in Florida. And she was chipper. I would even describe her as overly happy for a government employee.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice talking to someone who isn’t already a beaten down government employee, but it’s not routine. And I like the routine. She had a few questions about what is needed on a funding document for my contract. It was nothing too hard for me to get her through. After some small chitchat, some brief complaining about GFEBS (from both of us), I got to the details about exactly what is needed on the documents. It was an easy set of questions that I breezed through. And it was nice talking to someone who actually has the information that was needed. She even knew what project she was funding, even if it took some digging.

The most annoying part of the conversation was that I hot a high pitch okie dokie. The only way to describe her voice was, and I see this getting me in trouble, cute. I think since she lived in Florida that she went to Disney one too many times. Either that, or she was hitting the happy juice. Both of which are very possible. Actually, I might be more jealous of the happy juice than I would be of Disney.

Again, I am really not complaining about her happiness or her upbeatness (I know, not a word), but we are government employees. We are beaten down. We are depressed. We have no morale. We have no hope.

Or maybe that’s just my office.

Damn that’s depressing.

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