Another (boring) Briefing

I managed to avoid it for two months, but today I had to give another briefing to my fellow employees. And I am lucky it was under two minutes long, if it was any longer, not only would they all have fallen asleep, I may have as well. It’s hard to make what I do exciting. I get funding documents, I process funding documents, I get funding documents to contracting.

Granted, my sating that I processed seventeen billion dollars in two months right after the director talks to the staff about budget (and potential job) cuts was probably poorly timed, but it’s what I do. I cannot help the fact that I was scheduled today. I processed over ninety documents with a collective value of over seventeen billion. Think about that for a second. Think of all those funds that are going to a contractor.

Now, while I really appreciate wasting the office’s time with another briefing about what I accomplished. Maybe having briefings that are actually useful and informative would be a better use our time. I will gladly give up my two minutes of sleep inducing speech to hear something informative. I know, that may be asking for a lot, but if you are going to tie me up for an hour, can we make it a productive hour?

And while we are at it, the director promised our office a briefing by the personnel office to cover the rules and regulations about leave. There was a minor fiasco a few months ago, and nobody knew the regulations and got charged leave that we did not realize we were going to be charged. Still waiting on that briefing.

But no, my office has to suffer through briefing about monthly accomplishments. And those poor bastards had to listen to me.

Maybe I should have been more professional and not have added the fact that I went to a wedding of a friend since my last briefing. I probably shouldn’t have also added that the tracking system that we are “required” to log into knew I was on vacation and I still received a phone call at 4 am telling me I did not have to report to work due to a base closure. I got the standard “they are not the same system” speech. However, if they are not the same system, why is the solution to delete my phone numbers from the tracking system next time I am on vacation? The solution I came up with works just as well. I deleted my phone numbers permanently and stopped logging in.

I guess I was expected to buy that line from management. Just like every other line they seem to feed us recently.

But don’t worry about your morale. No one else is.

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