Pushover vs. Non-Combative

The other day I was playing a game of Warhammer and a difference of opinion arose between my opponent and me. Now, I didn’t put up for much of a fight for my side, even though I was pretty sure I knew I was right. Now this could make me a pushover in some people’s views. My opponent may have even thought I was a pushover. Heck, sometimes even I think I am a pushover. But taking this fight to the rulebook and to the FAQ’s just wasn’t worth the time and energy. It really wasn’t worth the fight, and arguing over something like this may have just sucked the fun out of playing the game.

I talked it over with other fellow gamers, and yes, my view on the rules was correct. It shouldn’t even have been in question; the rulebook stated exactly what I thought rules were. However, I still feel the fight was probably not worth it. I still had fun playing the game (even though I lost that match). So, yes, I put my head in the sand, just agreed to play by his perceived rules, and finished the game. Sometimes it is just easier to be non-combatitive.

This is not to say that I won’t get riled up, but I realize you have to pick your fights. If the fight is worth it in my view, I’ll put up a fight. I will go down swinging. Sometimes it even depends on whom I am arguing with. When it comes to some of my friends I have no problem arguing about rules. I will stand up for myself; it just takes a lot to get me going. I will also admit when I am wrong, which happens often enough.

And when it comes to the game, there are just some people and some times that it is just easier to nod and keep the game going.

It is, after all, just a game. As long as you have fun, you won.

And yes, I will probably play him again, and sadly, I will probably play by his rules.


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