My F-ing Mother

I have a very good relationship with my mother. However, if anyone heard the way we talk to each other, they wouldn’t believe that we do actually have a great relationship. The other day for example, my mom dropped the f-bomb, which is nothing special. And she dropped it at me; it wasn’t just a random drop. The F word was directed at me. Now this should be surprising, however, my mom and I do this all the time.

Actually, one of the best phrases my mom uses at me, and I am going to quote this directly, “Who the fuck raised you.” I hear that statement way too often, which probably wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me. But, my mother is who the fuck raised me. And I know, she says it with love. I don’t know when my mom and I became so relaxed with our language. I really don’t feel comfortable using he F word with my dad, or at least not in the same way I use it with my mom, so it is really only with my mom that I am that at ease.

Most of you probably find this mildly offensive at least. But it’s my mom. When either of us needs to talk, we know we can call each other, and usually get ourselves laughing by the end of the conversation. Sure, we have our arguments. Actually, it’s when we are not swearing at each other that there is a problem. Luckily we seem to swear a lot at each other.

And I know that I can drive her crazy. When I go up to NJ to visit the family, it’s usually by the end of the first day that my mom starts asking, “Are you going home yet?” Hell, it’s usually by the end of the first hour.

Yes, my mother drops the F-bomb at me, and I do the same at her. But we drop these with love. And I believe this proves that what my friends have said about my mom is correct.

My mom is fucking awesome.

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