Face meet Palm

A recent article on Time.com covered the outcome of a survey taken by the National Science Foundation. 2,200 participants were surveyed in the United States. Now, while I cannot tell you exactly who was surveyed, let us pretend that they questioned 2,200 average Americans. I admit, I may be jumping to conclusions there, but let us make that assumption. They were asked 9 scientific questions, and the average answer grade was 6.5.

Again, pretending that the average American was surveyed, that doesn’t sound too bad. However, when you consider just one of the questions asked, you have to wonder. Does the Earth go around the sun, or does the sun go around the Earth? One in four Americans answered this wrong. One in Four. Twenty-five percent (actually 26% is more accurate) of those surveyed answered this wrong. I no longer think that we should worry about those people who still believe evolution is a myth, which even the Catholic Church now acknowledges as fact. We need to bring the American people in on basic physics or basic astronomy. One in four think that the sun revolves around the earth. Do we believe that the earth if flat too? Will I fall off the edge of the world when I go cage diving?

This survey, if accurate, does answer some other questions. It answers how a politician, who is supposed to be intelligent, could possibly think a woman could not get pregnant from rape. It answers how the politicians we have today could possibly get elected. It answers why people think that using baited hooks will reduce shark attacks.

There is some good news. 1 in 3 Europeans got the question wrong. So we can brag that the average American is smarter than the average European.

The Roman Catholic Church issued an apology for it’s treatment of Galileo, maybe we should issue an apology to all of the scientists of the world.

One in Four

At least the comments brought some…. nope. Had to face palm some of those too.

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