Every day I do not have to go into work; I have a normal morning routine. Wake up, feed the cats, start brewing coffee, feed myself, turn on the computer and try and put words on my computer screen for my blog, and the get my day started. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it is really not.

Today, it is really easy and that is because of my plans for the day. These are not plans that I made, but plans that were forced upon me. I have to go to a wedding. I am not a big fan of weddings, even weddings that I am in (which I am not for today’s wedding). However, usually when I am at the wedding, I have a good time. Again, this is something I have to force myself to do since I prefer to be anti-social.

I don’t know why I am not a big fan of weddings. Again, when I get there I usually have a good time. Even looking back on my own, it was a fun day. I don’t remember much about the food except for the mashed potato martini bar (which I highly recommend) and the Godzilla/Xena wedding cake topper.

I actually have more vivid memories of the weddings that I was the best man in. I had to give three best man speeches and I could probably recite them right now and almost get them 100% correct. I never did write them down, I practiced in my head, and then just spoke from the heart. I improved the speech right there on the spot for all three. I can remember doing the YMCA in almost every wedding, because that is a standard dance at every wedding. I can vividly remember being chosen to walk a friend’s mother to her seat for another wedding.

So, today’s plan is to get ready and go to see a friend get married and make even more memories.

Congratulations Linda.

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