Mystery of the Donut

Last month, the Mars Opportunity rover took a set of photos of the same location on mars, and a new rock appeared. Within days the ground changed. A new rock appeared, a rock that looked like a donut. What could have caused this? Did the rock fall from the sky? Did it roll there?


Well, it was nothing all that special. When the rover was moving along, exploring mars, it rolled over and broke a rock. Part of that rock ended up looking like a donut where it wasn’t there before.

Now, I said it was nothing special. But truthfully, it is. A machine, built by man, made interplanetary travel and successfully landed on Mars. It traveled millions of miles, made a nearly impossible landing, and actually changed the terrain, even if only a little bit.

Just think about that. I get lost going across the state and mankind sent a machine to another planet.

So, maybe the fact that the Mars Opportunity rover took a photo of a new rock is pretty spectacular.

And stuff like that has always fascinated me.

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