Three Thing Friday

1. When you work for an organization called CECOM, or Communications and Electronics Command, you would think that they would get most of their electronic communications correct, or even working. You would also expect that they would have an alert system smart enough to know when not to contact you. I have to log in and set my leave status ahead of schedule into this tracking system, and this is the system that called and texted me at 4 AM to tell me that I didn’t have to go into work on a day that I was already not going to go into work. Yes, I could have turned off my cell phone, but with my family’s health history, you never know when an emergency call may come in. Of course, knowing my family, if something did happen, I wouldn’t be told.  CECOM – Cannot Electronically COMmunicate.

2. Rand Paul is suing President Obama over the NSA and their surveillance abuse. Now, I actually agree with the lawsuit, but not whom he is suing. If you want to sue anyone you should sue the congress members who voted for the Patriot act. This was the act that gave the president too much power. This is the act that gave the president the power to act the way he does. This is the act that gave all of this power to one man, which probably would have horrified the founding fathers. Hey Rand Paul, sue the correct people. Sue the 145 Democrats and the 211 republicans in the house that voted Aye. Sue all of the senators in office at the time (except for the two that didn’t vote for it. And guess what, you will still be able to name the president in your lawsuit; you’ll just end up punishing your own party as much as the democrats.

3. 319,000 – That is how many tons of salt the Maryland State Highway Administration has already used this winter. And that was before the February 13th storm. Just think about that for a minute. 319,000 tons of salt. And it feels like most of it was on my car.


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