Panic Attack

Here comes another “Storm of the Century!” In fact, this is the third or fourth storm of the century this year. Ok, no one has actually said “storm of the century,” but with the way the media is promoting this storm, it might as well be the worst storm that we will ever see. Every news outlet is promoting preparedness, but what they are actually doing is causing panic. I know that people need to be prepared, but there are better ways to get the word out to the public. And it doesn’t help that I have heard forecasts covering everything from one inch to one foot.

This storm may be bad, but you do not need to over do it. Yes, Atlanta handled the previous storm badly, very badly. Sending the entire city home at the same time should have been seen as a bad plan from the onset. Although, now that I think about it, Aberdeen Proving Ground seems to think that releasing everyone at the same time is a good idea as well. Nothing like thousands of people leaving through two gates all at once.

But one does not need to create panic among the general population. The government of Atlanta screwed up. I hope that they learned from that disaster, but if I lived near there, I wouldn’t count on it. I would be more prepared for a snowstorm, and I would count on the government of Atlanta to do their job.

How do I prepare for a bad storm? Well, I don’t run out and clear the shelves of bread and milk. First, I make sure that I have more than enough wine to get me through a month of being locked up in the house. Second, there is always enough cat food to get through three weeks. Have to keep these fat cats fed. Third, I make sure I have enough food to get through a couple of weeks. And if I run out, I could use to lose a few pounds anyway. Finally, Laptop is fully charged, I have plenty of books, and a flashlight and spare batteries.

Look at that. I am already prepared and I didn’t need to run out and clear the shelves at the food store. I can survive for at least a week, and if I am stuck here for more than a week I will have other issues.

And I know the cats have a back up plan; I think that’s why they continue to let me live here.

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