I find it amusing at how each of my three house-guests have very distinct personalities. And once you get used to them, they each are lovable in their own way. I mean, they are cats, but they are very different. And yes, they do entertain me throughout the days.

1. Loki, my buddy. This is the cool cat. He is the one at the top of the steps waiting for me to get home. He also is usually at my side. When I am at my hobbying table he can be found lying at my feet or under my chair. Loki is also very playful, when dragging a string around, he actually pounces. He is also the cat who sometimes likes to start trouble with Pipsqueak. Pips could be snoozing on a couch, and Loki will try to provoke her. And it being Pips, it’s not all that hard. He also shows me when he is jealous. If I am playing with the other cats, he will sit right in front of me with his back to me. But he is also the first to jump on me once I get under my blanket on the couch.

2. Pipsqueak, my sister’s cat, the moody member of this household. She can almost always be found on the couch. And when you dangle a string for her to play with, she doesn’t chase it or pounce; she falls over with a loud thump. And be careful when petting her, when she has had enough, she doesn’t tell you in such a nice way. How she tells you usually involves pain, claws, and blood, a lot of blood. She is also the one who will rub up against you legs, sit next to you on the couch, and purr away in total contentment. So sure, you may end up bleeding, but you still like her. She’s just so cute.

3. Angel, the “quiet” one. She is the one who is scared of everything. I stand up, she runs away. I sit down, she runs away. I lay down in bed; she jumps up onto my chest and purrs away. She is also the most talkative cat here. She’ll bring one of her toys to whatever level of the house I am on, and meow away. The best part of it is that she meows with the toy still in her mouth. You can tell that Angel has trust issues. She just stares at you as you do anything, once she warms up to you enough to come out of her hiding places. She also likes to start trouble with Loki. He could just be sitting around, not bothering anyone, and Angel will walk right into him.

And I like these three house-guests more than I like most people. Explains why I live with them.

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