Quiet Time

I find myself being perfectly happy being home alone a lot of the time these days. That is not to say I do not enjoy social interaction, but I don’t crave social interaction. I had this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. Yes, I was being social, hanging out with a group of my gaming friends. He thrives when he is being social, he looks for it, and he does not want to be at home doing nothing.

I am different. And lately it is getting worse. Maybe worse is a bad description, but my want to stay home is getting stronger. I have to force myself to go out and be social. When I do go out, I do enjoy myself, but it is something I have to force myself to do. And it is getting harder and harder to force myself to go out. There is a part of me that would rather stay at home, be on my computer or read a book, and avoid the general population. On the whole, I do not like the general population. They seem to frustrate me and anger me most of the time. Half of the general population is of below average intelligence. Mathematically, that has to be true.

Sometimes, I think I would be perfect for an interplanetary mission, a short trip to Mars say. Squeeze me into a ship with air, food, an iPad, and a chuck of digital books and maybe some Doctor Who, and I will be perfectly content for months, maybe even years providing the air holds out. Sure, I may have to communicate to ground control once in a while, but the further away I would get, the better the conversations would be. The time delay would make it more of transmitted recordings than conversations. Heck, sometimes I think the prisoners in jail who are in solitary have it made. Again, if I could be left alone with a couple of hundred books, I could easily make it through solitary.

Again, all of this is not to say I do not enjoy the company of my friends. Once I get up and go out to do something with them, be it wineries, gaming, car trips, just about anything I can think of, I have fun.

But sometimes, I just want to stay home. Alone.

With these damn cats.

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