Three Thing Friday

1. I am a geek. I don’t hide behind some act so that people will like me for who I am not. I am not, and will not change for someone else. So, in that mindset, I realized something about a wine grape called malbec. What I realized is that if you pronounce it just right, it sounds Klingon. And now I wonder how many of my friends just tried that.

2. Salt. Of course who ever is in charge of plowing the roadways are going to use salt. I have no complaints about that. I may not like salt being on my car, especially since it is so hard to wash my car in the winter, but I’d rather have to wash my car than have to have it fixed after I wreck it. The other day the garrison on APG covered the parking lot in salt. Driving in you can hear it crunching under the MINI. It was laid down thickly and almost everywhere. And you know what? I felt safe walking into the building, listening to other cars drive by, listing to the salt crunch under my feet. I was not worried about slipping and falling and causing bodily harm, even if they may have over done it a bit. Again, I felt safe.

And yes, someone in the office did complain about how salted the lot was. Same person who complained about how slick and unsalted the parking lot was the storm before.

3. Old School. Sometimes I get random songs stuck in my head, and usually it goes away pretty quickly. However, for over a week now, I have found myself whistling, humming, and listening to (in my head) the songs from the original Mario Bros. I don’t get why; I haven’t played that game in a very long time. I’ll be sitting at work, and my co-workers will suddenly hear random old school video game music. I’m sure it’s driving them crazy.

I’m sure it’s a sign that I am crazy, because I needed another sign.

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