I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and yes, I know that makes me as un-American as can be. And, according to what I have heard, I missed a good halftime show, two or three good commercials, and a game that took the super out of Super Bowl. I spent my time watching a very old episode of Doctor Who. I mean very old, from the 1960’s. I watched an episode with the third Doctor. Classic.

Now, from what I read about the game, I missed a highly offensive commercial from Coca-Cola. Apparently having “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages is un-American as well. Skipping the fact that unless you are Native American you are an import to this country, this country does NOT have an official language. Yes, the majority of the people in this country speak Spanish… I mean English, but it is not the official language of this country. Having seen the commercial since then, I thought it was actually a good commercial. And frankly, we have many more important things to worry about in this country before we start worrying about what language “America the Beautiful” is sung in.

I also missed a commercial advertising Scientology. That disappoints me. I would have like to have seen that commercial, I could have used a good laugh. I wonder how many people from the Bible Belt blame the bad game on that commercial. God must have punished everyone watching for having that commercial aired on national television. After all, he is a fan of people hurting each other for money and glory, but scientology is one thing that he couldn’t stomach From what I understand, the best part of this game was the halftime show. That hasn’t happened ever as far as I know.

Leading up to the game all we heard was about how they shouldn’t hold it in New Jersey, these players who are paid an insane amount of money were complaining about how cold it might be. Fans, who were paying thousands of dollars to go, were complaining about it being held in an open stadium. Well, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but still, for the amount of money involved, NO ONE should have been complaining.

So, instead of wasting my time with the game, I watched a rerun of Doctor Who and went to bed early. And I don’t regret it for one second.

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