When I was a young lad, and I ran like the wind… Ok, I never ran like the wind, and honestly, I’m not sure I was ever young. And now on to the purpose of this blog. When I was younger and I lived at my parent’s house, I would go out and have a life. Admittedly, that wouldn’t happen often, but it did happen. I would go out to bars, bowling, anything that anyone would come up with. Well, of course living at home with my mom, she would worry about her son if I were going to be out late. It was like she actually cared. I might get in an accident, shot, murdered, arrested, or anything else my mother could think of.

Usually, all she would want was for me to tell her that I made it home safe and sound. This could be at all hours of the night. She would fall asleep with the T.V. on the couch, sometimes lightly snoring. Whenever I would come home, that’s where she would be, under some thick heavy blanket. Of course I would tell her that I made it home safe, and sometimes even tell her about my night. The next morning I would get yelled at for not telling her I made it home.

Yes, I got yelled at for not telling her when we had an entire conversation! It got so bad that sometimes, after I fell asleep, she would come in and see if I made it home. Once, I even asked her “Are you going to remember that we had this conversation?” Guess what? She didn’t and I got yelled at again.

It makes me laugh now, thinking about this. We had conversations, and they were coherent conversations. She would asked me questions like “Who was there?” and have zero recollection the next morning.

And, I have to admit this. I have fallen asleep with the T.V. on recently, and there would be point during the night when I can’t tell if I am dreaming about the show that’s on or actually watching it. And usually it’s a DVD that I fell asleep to.

So sad.

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