Trouble Maker

I’m not actively trying to get fired, although I am sure it seems that way to the higher ups in my office. But my smart-ass remarks seem to be all I can do to not go crazy at work anymore. The higher ups don’t seem to care about morale, and sometimes they seem to be actively trying to reduce morale, doing everything they can to make life miserable at work. I like my job, I even live most of the people I have to deal with (most, not all), but it is so hard to actually come into work these days. There was a time where I would willingly take my laptop home to make sure I got something done that my customers needed. With the way I feel these days, I only want to put in the bare minimum. And I know I am not the only one in the office who remembers the days when we actually had morale. Sadly, I have to report that my sarcasm will continue. I am going to try to make my life at work as fun as possible.

Even when I was in High School, I did things to make my life fun regardless of what it would do to my grades. In my senior year English class, we were given an assignment of comparing a book and a movie based off the book. Everyone was taking this report seriously as they gave the teacher their options like “1984” or “Lord of the Flies.” When it came to my choice, I asked if I could do “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The teacher asked if I wanted an A, and I replied by asking if I could pass without getting an A. I was told I could, did that report, and actually got an A.

That’s not the worst report I did for that class, not by a long shot. We had an assignment where we had to write an essay on whatever we wanted. It was nice getting an open assignment like that. I opted to write about how all of the problems in today’s society can be tied to the required reading we are given in High School English class. Now that’s a paper you want to hand in to your English teacher. I don’t remember how long it was, but I do remember I cited plenty of examples. “Romeo and Juliet” for example, which is a play about suicide and gang warfare. I actually got two grades on that paper, an A for quality and an F for the subject.

So, while I may not be actively trying to get fired, I am actively trying to boost my own morale. The higher ups sure don’t care. But I guess they feel that they should only care about stuff that actually exists, and there is very little morale in the office these days.

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