Three Thing Friday

I’m just going to write (a.k.a complain) about a couple of things from this week.

1. I am being forcibly moved from my desk at work. And the new desk location is much worse. I actually like where I currently sit. However, I decided to ask for a different option from where I was being told I have to move. Outside of the offices of the big bosses is this really nice large desk. I assume it is supposed to be for a secretary or an admin person but it has sat unused for months, possibly even years. On the new format, I put my name there. That’s right, I asked to be sat right outside their offices. No one else is using that space, why should that pristine desk go to waste. Well, they turned me down. I don’t know their logic; they wouldn’t explain it to me. I would guess that they wouldn’t want a messy desk as the first thing guests see (not that we ever have any guests come in from that door). And, little protests like these, causing them little issues like this, has done more for my morale than anything that they have done in three years.

2. The Australian “not a cull” cull is obviously something I do not support. Sharks should be studied while they are alive. But, if they are going to do it, can they hire people who know what they are doing? There is a picture of a shark that was killed by the lines, and by killed, I mean tortured till they finally shot it four times. And both the government and the hired murderers claim that it is a bull shark. I hate to say it, but even my goddaughter could probably tell that it was a tiger shark. Stripes on a shark? Not a bull, though the government is full of it.

3. Early this week my Microwave oven broke. Again. I would never recommend a GE product, but that is not the point. I already miss how easy it was to cook a quick meal. I am a single bachelor living home alone. Of course my refrigerator (also made by GE) is full of food in the freezer and beer and wine in the refrigerator. That’s what I do. Having to actually cook food this week made me realize that it isn’t all that hard, but I still miss the ease of the microwave. And me being a guy, I’ll buy a cheap replacement just so I can go back to that ease.

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