A few years ago a coworker of mine once told me certain information that I kept with me. At the time, I didn’t believe it was true, but the longer I am a government employee, the more I agree with the statement. In fact, if it wasn’t for two or three people, I would say it was a law, not just a rule of thumb. “Staff organizations do not care about the staff.” And yes, I work for a staff organization.

A few weeks ago, I was forced to make a briefing on what I do. It wasn’t that bad; I was told that it should only be a few minutes. And I did that, admittedly with some complaint. Well, I have been told now that I have to brief again. This time covering what I have done since I briefed just over a month ago. Are you kidding me? Why don’t you just admit it and say you are looking for an excuse to keep these weekly meetings going, wasting a half hour of my life each week. My basic tasks do not change from week to week.

And now there is discussion of moving my desk. I like my desk since the setup you chose for the office sucks. The way it is set up a good portion of the desks are situated so that the employees sit with their back to the walkway. Nothing like people sneaking up on you all the time to make you happy. Where I sit now, I face the walkway. I still don’t like it, I would like higher cubical walls, but I am ok with people not being able to sneak up on me. Well, my new seat will put my back to the walkway. Again, not helping my morale.

And how about the rumor about CECOM moving to AMC headquarters? How about charging employees for a full day’s leave when the base was closed for half a day and it was unsafe for them to come in. How about when employees leave 1 hour before the early release, making it home safely, and charging them leave too. How about forcing people to get ten-year certificates when they don’t care and would rather not get that publicly. How about making people go to training that hasn’t been updated in 10 years.

I have so many complaints about the office and the wonderful things they do to my morale, but maybe that is the point. Maybe they do have a plan about the RIF and it is to make people so miserable that they quit, making it so they don’t have to fire anyone.

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