I started reading this new book today; it’s a collection of science fiction stories that are supposed to be a mix of sci-fi and horror. Now, I bought it because one of the stories is from Arthur C. Clark even though I probably already read this particular story, and I am always up for reading the writings of new authors. To be truthful, at this moment, I have not even gotten past the introduction. And in this introduction, the editor takes the time to make fun of those who actually read them. Saying things like the reader (me) is too afraid to go further. The reader is afraid to be scared. However, the editor did bring up some good points, like how Science Fiction and Horror used to be the same thing in some peoples eyes. Look at how they are linked in some cases. Doctor Frankenstein was very much science fiction and horror, though we do seem to be getting closer and closer to science fact and horror nowadays. War of the Worlds could be science fiction and horror. The Day the Earth Stood Still would be science fiction, though in the new version the acting could be considered horror.

However, him making fun of the introduction readers got me thinking about all of the introductions I skipped over the years. I didn’t always read the introductions; in fact I hardly ever read them back in the day. I used to go right to the story; the story was the whole reason for purchasing the book. What was the point of the introduction anyway? It used to be just a waste of space before the story. I guess as I get older, I have settled into reading the introductions. I guess I am getting moer bang for my buck.

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