Brief Venting

1. I absolutely love it when I am watching TV and the information bar says I am watching “Through the Wormhole” but what I am actually watching is “Heavy Metal Task Force.” Wait, I’m sorry, it’s not love, I mean loathe. I mean these shows are not even close to being similar. I know, this isn’t exactly a world-stopping problem, but in this age, you would think that they could get this minor thing corrected. And the fact that it was wrong all day on that one specific channel is even worse.

2. Having a handicap driver license plate does not give you the right to drive like an idiot, unless of course you are mentally handicapped. Yes, I know it snowed a few days ago, and it is still brutally cold, but the roads are very clear right now. That white stuff on the road isn’t snow or ice; it’s tons of salt. And that salt is the reason your red car is now and ugly white. Also, you do not need to change lanes at 5 miles an hour without a blinker, cutting me off twice (which was actually a little impressive). Stop driving like it’s you first time behind the wheel, and may drive a car that is appropriately sized, not the battleship you were driving.

3. People who complain about the excessive cold now, and who were also complaining about the excessive heat during the summer need to be punched. Often. If will give you one or the other. I tend to not complain about the cold, I actually like it. I hate heat and humidity. I reserve the right to complain about the summer weather. If I could, I would live at the north pole, I’d like to retire in Canada, if it is still cold in 30 years. However, people just like to complain, so they complain about the cold winters, the hot summers, the rainy spring, and the windy autumns. Those people should have their mouths shown shut, or maybe move someplace else. I hear Mars would welcome complainers.

4. Finally, back to drivers. Turning on your left turn blinker to make a right turn from the left lane. Wow. Now you need a mentally handicapped sticker on your car. The rest of us would appreciate the warning.

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