Addictive Personality

I prefer to call it a collective personality, but to be truthful to myself; I really do have an addictive personality. Even when I was a kid, if I went into a hobby, I went all in. I would get everything I wanted and keep going. Sure, at some point in time I may lose interest and stop, but that would be after I spent a large portion of my money, or my parents money, on the things I was collecting.

It started with baseball cards. I would always ask my mom if I could borrow a couple of dollars (with no intention of paying her back) and I would go to the B&B pharmacy and pick up a couple of packs of Topps baseball cards. This was before Upper Deck was even an option. And I would do this throughout the summer. I didn’t even watch all that much baseball on TV, but I had to complete the set. I came close a couple of times, but I never did complete the set on my own. However, for Christmas I always seemed to get a complete set from someone. And, thanks to my parents, I even have sets from before I was collecting, from when I was too young to collect. For example, I have the 1978 set because I wanted the set from the year I was born. And then I drifted away from baseball cards.

Another collection I started was die-cast stock car collectibles. To be honest, these were just expensive matchbox cars. At least in this case I actually watched NASCAR at the time. But the collection was massive. On the larger scale cars I kept myself to drivers that I was a fan of, but I can’t say the same for my fathers collection. I had easily over a thousand of the small-scale cars. Some of them looked exactly the same as the ones next to it, but if they were from a different year and had minor changes, I had to have both. Heck, in at least one case I know I had 2 cars from the same year and same paint scheme, but one had a hood that opened.

Even at the age of nearly 36, I still have this addictive personality. For example, my warhammer gaming, I own hundreds of models for 5 armies. Some of which I will probably never use, but I had to have just in case. Until recently, I had probably near a thousand DVDs, but thanks to digitizing, I am down to a couple hundred. I have swords all over the house, that’s right, swords. Some swords are replicas from movies, others are just standard swords. Even wine has become a collection, granted it is a collection that keeps changing.

I still have almost everything I have ever collected throughout my life. Well, my friends and I have consumed most of the wine. And at least these more recent addictions have been paid for with my own money instead of money taken from my parents. But I really need to prevent myself from getting into another hobby or collection.

Oh, and thanks to my parents who have funded these collections over the years. I don’t even want to think of the money that has been spent on these hobbies.

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