So Tired

From what I understand, most normal people catch up on their sleep on their day’s off, weekend for example. Well, I know I’m not normal, and thanks to my Mother and my Alarm Cats, I don’t. On a night when I am out till 2 am, I still get up early in the morning, which makes the next day very long.

I’ll start with the cats. Cats do not have a snooze button, especially if they are hungry cats. Now, cats do have a weird behavior, as least every cat I have had the experience of dealing with. If a cat’s food dish is half empty, the cat sees it as empty. So this morning, at 7:30, my wakeup call was Loki sitting next to my bed. When I started waking up, he put his front paws on the bed, and stuck his nose into my face, purring loudly. Sounds like a nice way to be woken up, but it really isn’t. My cats apparently are used to a schedule. And their schedule is to be fed by 8 am.

Now to my Mother, I’ve said before that my mother is and has always been a morning person. She has actually been banned from calling my Aunt before 8 o’clock in the morning. My aunt actually had to tell her to stop calling so early. You can’t do that when you live with her. She would make as much noise as possible, or at least that’s how it seemed when I was trying to sleep in. And I know it is a family trait. My grandfather would be up early in the morning, riding his bike on the boardwalk with his girlfriends, every morning. The early morning gene must not be passed down to everyone, but my evil mother gave it to me.

This is why I go to bed at 9 on work nights, on weekends, I go to sleep late and I need to catch up on my sleep.

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