Road Trip

I took a road trip today with a friend from the area. It was a blast and it got me to thinking about the road trips I took in college with those friends. We took some classic road trips, and nearly all of them were an adventure.

There was the road trip we took to Minneapolis for a national fraternity meeting. We took my friend’s father’s Jeep and drove out to Minnesota, starting either on Christmas night or the morning after. All of this driving for a three day meeting. On the way back, as I was driving through Pennsylvania, the heater in the Jeep died. And Pennsylvania is a wide state, a very wide state. The passengers in the back seat were able to bundle under a blanket. The navigator was even able to sit under a nice warm blanket. The Driver, me, was able to freeze as I drove through the hills of PA. Probably drove through PA in record time.

Another trip, planned at the last minute, was a weekend trip to Florida. I tossed out the idea of going to Disney for spring break weekend on a Monday, by that Wednesday the hotel was booked, and on Friday we left. We were driving my Ford Thunderbird (which had the worst CD shuffle ever made) and just drove. Sure, we ran into other cars with the Rider parking permits on the road, but that wasn’t planned. We just went. Sure, the day we left Disney to come home the two drivers were too drunk to drive so we had to rely on the third person that didn’t want to drive. Sure Pete hit something with my car, and we still don’t know what it was. Sure the shuffle played the same song every third song. But it was a blast.

One road trip we took was from Rider, near Trenton, to Dover, Delaware for breakfast. We drove hours to go to one diner across from the racetrack. It wasn’t about the food, which was excellent, it was about the drive. Another road trip to Delaware involved a friend who spent the previous night drinking gallons of alcohol puking into her purse. There was the time I hit an already dead deer. There was the three-minute Taco Bell run. There was the trip to Gettysburg where the T-bird’s lights kept randomly turning off.

There were so many good memories; I really do miss those road trips.

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