Another Storm

The latest and greatest “storm of the century” caused the commanders of the base I work at to send non-essential personnel home at noon today. The reason for the commander to make this decision makes perfect sense, although I am sure that not all of these facts were taken into consideration.

1. Everyone get to take extra time to make it home. It is snowing, which causes 99% of the population to forget how to drive. Yes, a driver should take his time and drive carefully, but this does not mean you should be doing 35 miles per hour under the speed limit when the limit is 40 to start with. You will die. An idiot in a MINI will run you over or just push you out of the way.

2. The storm is only going to get worse. By sending people home early, in theory you get the people off the road for the cleaning crews. The problem with this is that not everyone stays home. Frankly, it’s boring. I want to go out, and I may still go out. When I was working at Fort Monmouth and they closed the base due to a bad snowstorm, I actually grabbed my skis and drove past the post to get to the mountain. I’m not doing that today, but I did consider it.

3. It clears the parking lot. This makes it much easier on the garrison to actually clear the lot for tomorrow. The plow drivers are less likely to hit the employee’s parked cars. However, someone was driving a plow on the sidewalk today. He seemed to be going pretty fast, and he might have forgotten that to plow, you have to put the plow on the ground. Though, that might have been planned to save the sidewalk, as they did salt the area.

4. Less lawsuits. By closing early, the employees are less likely to slip and sue the government. And this is probably the only reason they closed the post.

Now, do I go out or do I stay home.

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