Little Careless

My first car was a green 1991 Volkswagen Golf that I bought from my grandfather for one dollar. It was heavy, slow, and ugly. It sounded like a go-kart or an over sized lawnmower, and handled even worse. I upgraded the stereo and I still treated the car like crap. In fact, I didn’t even care about either of my first cars, the VW or the Thunderbird. I left the windows open during rainstorms, I barely checked the oil, let alone change it. I let the tires wear down before changing them. I just didn’t care. While my friends were heavily interested their cars, working on them almost daily, I was just glad I had one even though I didn’t act like it.

However, since I have bought the MINI, I have become more interested in my car. I change the oil on time; sometimes ever a little early, and I do it myself. I wash the car often. My friends helped me install a supercharger reduction pulley, adding a little more horsepower to the car. I even change the air filters myself. Yes, the Coopers has some dents, dings, and scratches, but each one of those is a story.

However, one thing I keep forgetting to do is check my tire pressure. The MINI does have a sensor to tell me when one of my tires suddenly lose air pressure. However, the sensor works by comparing one tire to the rest of the tires, so if they all lose pressure, the sensor will not go off. And since I have run flat tires, it is very hard to tell if one of the tires is going flat. So, today I checked the pressure of all four tires, and they were low. And when I say low, I mean less than twenty PSI. I knew they were low since my gas mileage dropped, but I never realized they were that low. I know that’s dangerous to me and to the other drivers on the road.

So to my friends, today is a message of safety. Please check your tire pressure. You may save your own life, and more importantly, you may save a few dollars.

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