Recently, while I was watching TV one morning, I saw an interesting commercial. It was for a company that someone could hire to post positive reviews about their store or company. That’s right, someone created a company whose sole purpose is to log onto review sites and post positive reviews about companies that pay them. That’s ingenious. I do have a couple of issues with it, but it is a smart business plan.

Now, I understand that there are people out there with nothing better to do with their lives than to log onto review websites and post bad reviews of products or services that they have never used. And yes, I can see where this would hurt a company’s bottom line. It is sad that some people would toy with people’s lives like that, and this service would be of some help. These are probably the same people who had nothing better to do than to hack my server.

However, some businesses deserve the bad reviews that they get. This review posting company, having never been to or used the products of the business that they are reviewing is now blindly posting positive reviews. This causes an issue in that a lot of people actually read reviews and make choices based on those reviews. Now, the reviews posted are even less trustworthy. I know that some posts were not all that trustworthy to begin with, but now they are even less so. This company is going to flood sites with positive reviews.

I am really conflicted about companies having the ability to hire people to just make positive posts. I do read reviews, and I have made some decisions based on those reviews.

I realize that these companies have been out there for a while, but this is the first time I have seen it advertised.

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