Too Stubborn

I have easily over four hundred books in my collection. Mostly science fiction and biographies, but I also have books on physics, mysteries, history, I really do have books in almost every genera. Again, most of them are science fiction, and most of those are Star Wars. I’m even proud of the fact that I have more books by Arthur C. Clarke than most libraries.

And I read them all. That’s right, over the years I have read every book that is on any of my bookshelves. And in some cases, I have read them more than once. The I have just finished reading the X-wing series  and I can’t even tell you how many times I have read the books in that series. I have read them so often that the bindings are being held together by tape.

Now, I’m not saying I enjoyed all of the books I have read. Some were downright awful. But I finished them. And that’s just because I am stubborn. I know that if I leave the book on the shelf unread, it will annoy me, so I have to power through and finish the book. “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” for example, the original is a tough read, adding zombies to the story didn’t help it at all. Well, maybe it did, I never actually read the original. “Moby Dick” would have been a fantastic book if I read every other chapter. The alternating chapters were like reading marine science book, and that’s not what I wanted to read.

And speaking of books, a few Christmases ago, my family bought me the first four books in the Harry Potter series. They were wrapped and waiting under the tree, tormenting me since I knew exactly what they were. Well, my impatience won out and I opened the first book, read it rewrapped it and moved onto the next book. I actually finished all four books before Christmas, rewrapping them when I was finished. And I believe I did that in the span of five days.

Heck, I even spent one night reading a Tom Clancy book, finally falling asleep when I was finished, at about 7 am.

Again, sometimes, I am too stubborn.

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