Non promotable

I am never going to get my next promotion. I am not being fatalist on this, I know myself well enough to know that I am not going to get another promotion. I work hard, well, relatively hard, but work is not my top concern in life. Getting through the day and trying to make it as stress free as possible is my top concern, as well as just trying to have fun. I would rather stay at my pay grade and have some fun with my job than get a pay increase and increase my stress.

And today was a perfect example. I had to brief the boss’s boss on what I do. I stressed about it until the first briefer came out of his office and told everyone how it was actually a relaxed setting. And I hated stressing about it. Mind you, it was a relatively low level of stress, but I hated it anyway. However, my briefing also showed why I would never get promoted. One should not end a briefing, after being asked, “what else do you do?” with “I sit at my desk and listen to you swearing in your office.” It was a relaxed setting, but I am not sure that was the best way to end the briefing.

And how I apply for jobs, when I actually do apply, isn’t helping either. When I log on and find a new job that I apply for, I use the resume I already have created, I might update some of the information, but I don’t tailor to whatever job I am applying for at that time. And that means I never get onto any interview lists. I couldn’t even make a list that was basically upgrading my current position. I guess, when it comes to new jobs, I am lazy and unmotivated. Again, a sign I will never move up in this job. And I can’t really complain, I like my current job and I am usually not stressing over it.

Still, more money would be nice… maybe one day I will get motivated.

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