Busy (and Rough) Day

Today started rough, and it never really got any better. I woke up at 3am, almost 2 hours before my alarm goes off, and I spent the next hour and a half trying to fall back to sleep before I finally gave up and started my day. During my morning breakfast TV watching, I saw Honey Boo Boo commercials, and they made me want to cry. The fact that those people have their own TV show proves that there is something wrong with this country. And why do they have to advertise the show on Discovery Science? The commercial brings down the entire channel. Hell, the show brings down the I.Q. of anyone who watches it.

Now, at work, my day didn’t get any better. First, I thought we had people to collect our trash. It feels like mine hasn’t been picked up in over a week, but it’s probably only been since last Wednesday. This is a relatively mild complaint since I can throw my own trash out, but we have contractors for this. We are paying someone to collect our trash, and I assume they are still getting paid if I throw my trash out in their place. And who planned on washing and waxing the kitchen floor during lunchtime? That was an incredibly bad plan.

Apparently, someone else thought it August was a good time to change some policy that affects my contract. I have no issues with policies being changed; in theory the change is making things better and safer. I do realize, as a 10-year government employee, that the policy is probably just going to make more red tape, and actually make things worse, but I know the policy makers are trying. But if you are going to change policy, can you please inform those that need to enforce said policy? We got questions all day on if we were adhering to the current policy. Everyone in my office thought we were, and then we were finally informed that in August, the policy was changed.

Asking us if we are enforcing a policy that we didn’t know about is like asking me why I haven’t processed a funding document that I haven’t received yet. Which, by the way, also happened today.

I am so glad that today is over.

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