All Over the Place

Today’s blog is all over the place, which reflects my thoughts. I’ve been battling a cold for almost a week now. And when I get sick, I become a whiny bitch. Well, more whiny than usual. I hate being sick and locked inside my house. It’s so boring. This week I cancelled plans to go out and game with my friends. All I did was rest, watch TV, and play with my cats.

Now, I have to admit that I didn’t take anything for this cold. I don’t know if taking something would have helped speed up my recovery, but I feel that this country is already over medicated. And if I can keep extra drugs out of my system and recover naturally, I would rather do that. Sure, I may be out of it for a week, but I feel that keeping drugs out of the body, even over the counter medication, is better for the body.

And I must be getting older. I remember recovering much quicker than this. I remember feeling better in a day or two. But much like recovering from a hangover, recovering from a cold seems to take longer as I get older. And that is depressing.

Speaking of alcohol, when I get sick I avoid beer and wine and other forms of alcohol. I miss wine. I can’t wait to feel better so I can have a glass.

Yes, I am whining about wine.

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