Yesterday I got the chance to play a game of Warhammer against someone who I respect and fear as a fellow player. He is one of the few people I look to for advice when getting ready to play. The man is one of the best players I know in the game. And you know what? I lost. By one point. And it was one of the most stressful and fun games I have ever played. And the loss got me thinking, I would rather lose a game having fun than win a game against someone who sucks the fun out of playing.

I have lost the last three games in a row. To me, that is no big deal since I have lost more than that consecutively. However, two of those games were against people I knew would bring their A game. Two people who I knew that were going to be very tough to beat. The other game was a disaster. It was close, but it was playing someone who not only sucked the fun out of it, they also cheated right from the outset. And the player was still only just able to beat me. I will blame the dice gods when I roll below average, like rolling four 1’s on five dice, when all I needed was two 2’s or higher. But complaining about everything that doesn’t go the way you want, including the rules, that is just too much.

I’ve seen players roll badly, swear loudly, and throw their dice across the store. The swearing alone bothers me. Shouting curses in a family store is just taking it too seriously. What is the point of that? It is just a game. I never understood the people who take the game so seriously that they get angry, swearing, and not having any fun. If you are not having any fun, why do you even bother playing?

And it carries over to other things to. Why would someone take NFL football so seriously that one fan would stab another just because a team loss? It is only a game. And unless you gambled on that game, you haven’t lost anything. The team lost, and in theory, they are not going to get their bonuses for that loss. The players have more of a right to be angry than you do as a fan. They lost, not you. Get Over It!

But may be, it’s just me. Maybe I don’t mind losing as long as I had fun, and hopefully learned something for the next game.

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