What Annoys Brian This Week

Today, I am going to steal… er, borrow a format from a fellow blogger.

1. Timing. I appreciate that the U.S. Army wants me to not drive in to work when the roads are covered with snow and ice. However, could they get their timing right? My local roads were not plowed by the time I was supposed to report during the 4 hour delayed opening. I decided to call my boss and say I wasn’t coming in. I know others tried to get into work. And after they were already online to get into post, and in some cases already on post, the powers that be finally posted the base closed message. So, coworkers that already drove to work, sometimes spending hours to get there, had to turn around and go home. And this is not the first time. The same thing happened to me at Fort Monmouth. After I was already in the office they decided to post the base closure message.

2. Uneducated Politicians. Acting Premier Kim Hayes of Australia is an idiot, but it is nice to know that stupid politicians are not limited to here in America. Hayes is trying to defend his governments “not a cull” culling policy on great white sharks. The plan of baiting swimming waters to “not cull” Great Whites is almost as stupid as saying women can’t get pregnant when raped (thank you Tea Party). Let’s attract more sharks to areas where there are swimmers by chumming the waters, and that will reduce shark attacks. Seems simple math to me, more sharks plus more people equals less attacks.

Hayes also says that sharks may target humans. What???? Where did he learn his facts on sharks? Maybe he recently watched “Jaws” or “Sharktopus” or maybe even “Sharknado” and thought these were documentaries. There is NO evidence that sharks target humans and there is plenty of evidence that most attacks on people are a case of mistaken identity.

I’ve said it before; the best way to reduce attacks is to educate the swimmers. Two areas in Australia with the highest amount of shark attacks on humans already have a shark control policy. Queensland, which has had shark control policy since 1962, has the highest amount of “shark attacks” in the country. Educate the people on when to swim, where to swim, and how to act in shark populated waters. You won’t reduce the attacks to zero, but you will reduce the chances of an attack.

I only wish I could have gone to the protests in Western Australia, but with a shark culling policy, I can guarantee that I will not be visiting Western Australia, or Queensland, or even New South Whales anytime soon. However, Guadeloupe, Mexico, here I come again.

Ok, off my soapbox.

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