Geared Up

Well, we got hit with another snowstorm here in Maryland. This is already more snow this season than I have seen in the prior 4 winter seasons. Today, it’s about 18 degrees, not counting the wind chill, and there are a couple of inches of snow, which has about an inch of ice underneath it. I already shoveled the driveway but it seemed safer to leave the snow on the sidewalk. Snow is a little less slick than ice after all.

However, to shovel in this temperature, I geared up like I was going skiing. I threw jeans on over my PJ’s and threw on a sweatshirt. I grabbed my skiing jacket, the warmest jacket I own. I decided that my skiing mask would be a smart addition to keep my face warm. And of course, I added the wool hat and skiing gloves. Right before I went outside, I realized that even with all of this, my eyes would probably end up stinging in this cold. I decided that as goofy as I would look, the ski goggles would be a great addition to my shoveling gear.

And you know what? It worked. I was actually warm. Yes, I was slipping on the ice, but I cannot complain about being cold. Yes, everything had a weird orange tint, but the sun didn’t bother me at all, even reflecting off the snow. And my eyes didn’t tear up and freeze. Yes, I felt a little goofy, but I was happy and comfortable.

It also brought back a lot of fond memories of skiing trips and hitting the slopes. It also made me think of falling and giving myself a concussion. Even the smell of the facemask made me think of skiing. Hitting the slopes in upstate NY.

And at the very least, I got some use out of some of my ski gear. I didn’t use my ski boots or my skis, but I did get some good use out of everything else.

Now, if they would only plow my roads.

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