The Beginning

Happy New Year to my few readers! Every year large groups of people make resolutions to improve their life. The problem with the resolutions is that some of don’t even make it to the end of the day, and most resolutions are forgotten about by the end of February. A few years ago I made a resolution to never make any more resolutions, and I have held to that. This year, I am going to make goals. Goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the year, but if I don’t accomplish these goals, I’ll just move on to them next year.


1. I plan on paying off my final student load by then end of the calendar year.
2. I will go kayaking more often than I did last year. Shouldn’t be that hard, as I hardly went kayaking at all last year.
3. I will go SCUBA diving more often than I did last year. Once would do it.
4. I will go cage diving with great white sharks again this October.
5. I will continue to eat somewhat healthy. I will try to eat salads almost every day for lunch, and as little soda as possible.
6. I will read another biography on a president. I have fallen off on reading those in the last few years.
7. I will read as much as I can. I enjoy reading and unlike TV, books have no commercials. Damn, stole that quote from “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.”
8. I will take off for my Birthday. Wow, that’s an easy one.
9. I will watch less Discovery Science (ok, this is probably not going to happen).

10. I will continue to blog. My goal is 6 posts a week on this blog.
And that is it. 10 goals. Most are easily achievable, and those that are not, oh well.

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