The End

And so another year comes to an end. I have to admit, it was a decent year. A lot of change and turmoil, but nothing I could not adapt to. Most of the family made it through the year as healthy and as sound as they were before the year started. Of course, calling my family sound is stretching it. A lot of the issues that the family had were caused by incidents the year prior. Fucking Hurricane Sandy.

We did suffer a loss. My Aunt Arleen passed away this summer. I remember staying at her place up in Maine, and I swear her house was haunted. I also have fond memories of visiting her in Arizona. She will be missed.

Speaking of Maine, I learned that I hate Maine. In fact, if Puerto Rico wants to become a state, I say we give Maine to Canada, and not change our flags.

The fighting among the cats seems to have picked up this year, but they are still alive and annoying. And they are still as fat as ever. They are on a “diet” that is a high protein diet. As the Vet called it, a Catkins diet. Hopefully, in the coming year, the two women of this house can go home. I may miss them, but Loki (the actual owner of the house) will be very happy to be the only cat here.

I didn’t SCUBA dive or go skiing at all this year. And my kayaking trips were down, I think I only went 3 times, and that makes me sad. Next year I must go more often. What’s the point of having all the equipment and the license if one never uses it.

I did make some great friendships down here in MD, and I hope that those friendships continue into the New Year. And of course, I still have great friends in NJ, who are all doing well.

I started seeing someone. She hates the MINI and likes Batman. So she obviously has good taste. What she sees in me is anyone’s guess.

And of course, much wine was consumed.

It was a pretty good year.

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