I went home for the holidays, and when I say home, I mean my parents rental property in Seaside Park. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my childhood home is unlivable and it hasn’t even been torn down yet. And as for Seaside being home, it doesn’t really feel the same anymore. There is so much construction and roadwork that it just didn’t feel like home. The boardwalk, after being washed away and rebuilt, burnt down. There was nothing left. I did enjoy my stay, but it just wasn’t the same.

While I was up in NJ, my sister came to Maryland and took care of the cats for me. Apparently all went well as all the cats were alive and the house was still standing when I got home. My sister did text me that Loki must have missed me as he fell asleep near my shoes. Loki never sleeps there, so I guess she was right. And honestly, I missed that fat pain in the ass as well. I missed the other two as well, but Loki is my bud.

And as much as I liked staying at my parents place, it’s just not the same as sleeping in one’s own bed. And the really scary part is that I now consider Maryland home now. I’ve lived here for over three years now, and as much as I miss NJ, MD is home now. Maybe Loki living here made that happen.

I do miss my family, and I enjoyed my stay with them, but there is no place like my own bed.

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