Brain Death

A few years ago, congress decided to step in on the rights to pull one’s plug. And now, there are at least two more women who are “brain dead.” I’m sure that if I were ever diagnosed as “brain dead,” no one would actually notice. But if I am ever diagnosed, and there is no good chance that I was to recover, I want the plug pulled.

I am currently the back up on at least one living will. And I know the pressure of being placed in that position. Someone’s life is in your hands, and you have to make a judgment call. Will they recover? Will their life be worth living? These are questions that you must consider. And it’s a lot of pressure being left in charge with a loved one’s life.

Now, my sister would probably have no issues pulling the plug, provided she was well compensated. And since I know what the person who asked me to do this wants, I would pull the plug. It would hurt, and I would feel regret, but I would do it since it is her wish.

And, I hope that if I were ever in the situation where I am “brain dead” people would consider my wishes, and let me go.

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