Short Ride

After spending some time with friends at a hobby store, I decided to take the scenic right home. I took Rt 88 to Rt 35, and decided to take the island tour home. It’s been over a year, one would hope that the roads would be fixed. You would hope that all the construction would be completed. But alas, much like my parents house, nothing much was done.

I had to take detours to parts of towns I didn’t even know existed. Route 35 was a complete mess. In Lavallette, I had to take the worst slalom ever designed my man. For a few blocks you would be in what is left of the right lane, then you would switch to the left lane for a few blocks. And the roads were rough. It was like driving on speed bumps ever few feet. And in Seaside, as well as other towns, you were actually directed down the wrong way of one-way roads.

And one does not need to put up a “Danger Boardwalk Closed” sign when there is no boardwalk. It is a shame that after rebuilding the rides after Sandy, that the rides had to burn down. The people of seaside have had a rough year; maybe this new year will bring better luck.

And maybe, after more than a year, my parents will be able to move home and take their two cats with them.

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