Christmas Dinner

I just got done eating a wonderful Christmas with my family and I can confirm that we are one crazy family. We are a fun crazy, but crazy all the same. Even when you consider what we were talking about, conversations that probably shouldn’t happen at a Christmas dinner. I mean, we talked politics, about family, covered what is new with all of us. You know, the usual.

We also discussed death. Apparently, death is a sensitive subject with some families, but not with ours. For example, it was discussed that since my sister is the youngest, she shall become the keeper of the urns. What does that mean? Well, my Grandfather and Grandmother’s ashes are currently in my Aunt’s house.  The fact that they are still there, and in fact died there, seems to creep her boyfriend out. We all find it funny; of course, those ashes aren’t at my house. Yet. So, when my mother and father die, and when my aunt dies, those urns will have to go somewhere.

We also talked about our wills. Seemed like a good line of conversation. We talked about how our family keeps wills to prevent people from getting money, not to make sure that family members are taken care of. We block members of our family.

Now, tonight, I am writing a short blog. I am writing a short blog mostly because I am full, but also because I may not be done eating.

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