And the Tall shall be Short

I had some friends down from NJ this past weekend, hanging out, playing warhammer, hitting the bar, and just having a ton of fun. Well, one of the friends that came down is much taller than me, as opposed to the other one who is just taller than me. I introduced the both of them to my local gaming friends. We had a blast, but one of the funniest comments the taller of the two made was “I’m not used to being short.” The taller NJ friend is 6 foot tall, and of my friends at the game store, he was the third or fourth shortest. I don’t need to say it, but I will anyway, I was the shortest. No surprise there. But I realized, and this was not a new realization, I need shorter friends. Almost everyone there was at least 8 inches taller than me, and some of my friends are a foot taller or more.

I usually make fun of my height, or lack there of. But around them, I think they affect the weather patterns around me.

And on top of that, I know I have a habit of saying something stupid, but I really topped myself this weekend. A few of us were talking about painted vs. unpainted models, and right next to an African American, I didn’t say painted, I said “colored.” I will give the guy credit, he laughed and said “Man, why do you have to bring race into it?” And, we laughed it all off, but still, that was pretty damn stupid. I guess it’s a good thing these people, these friends of mine, know I didn’t mean anything by it, and that I can be a bit of a jack ass.

And now, a note to my friend from NJ, welcome to my world of being short.

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