Right to Speak

Apparently, people are surprised that when you give a redneck a vehicle to express his views he is likely to say something stupid. That’s like being surprised when a Tea Party member opens his mouth and says something that anyone with a brain would never say. No one should be surprised, it should have been expected. Of course, I am talking about the star of “Duck Dynasty” comparing homosexuality to bestiality. I highly doubt that the people of A&E were dumb enough to not see this coming. The man is a very conservative redneck. How could they not see this coming? However, that being said, I cannot join the ranks and call for his head. The man expressed his views, and that is his constitutional right. Even though the man has views that I do not agree with, he has every right to express them. And I have every right to call him a jackass.

Now, having said that, I also agree with A&E’s right to fire the man. Yes, the man has the constitutional right to express his idea, but A&E has every right to fire someone for expressing views counter to his or her standards. Don’t get me wrong, I know A&E is doing this to save face, but since A&E is a business, they have every right to fire someone. Consider this, do I have the right to say you cannot swear in my house? Of course I do, and I would be setting one heck of a double standard as I swear here all the time. But, just like I don’t agree with what the star said, I also don’t agree with A&E’s firing of him, but it’s not my business to run.

If you really want to solve the issue, how about we attack the problem at the source? You want to solve the problem. How about we take away the man’s popularity? Stop watching the show. If no one watched the show, he wouldn’t have been asked to give the interview, and his statements wouldn’t have been so public.

After all, things I say don’t make CNN news.

And now for something completely the same


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