I don’t send Christmas cards. It’s not because I am an atheist, after all, I could send holiday cards. I have, in the past, found cards that are non-religious, but very festive. I get a few cards each year, and I actually am very grateful that my friends and family send me cards. I don’t send cards in return, but I am grateful that I do receive them. I do have a couple of issues with holiday cards though.

How long do I have to leave my cards on display? Can I throw them out right away? Do I have to leave them up till my birthday? Is there a standard time frame where I have to leave them up? This is what runs through my mind. Holiday cards seem to cause more stress for me than they are worth, and I apologize to my friends who already sent me cards. Which, by the way, are already on display for all my cats to see. So, to those who have sent me cards, thank you, and sorry for not sending one in return.

And while on the subject of holiday cards, I am tired of hearing people say “Keep the Christ in Christmas.” I hate to tell you, but the Jews, Muslims, and even the Pagans celebrate something this time of year. Yes, the Pagans celebrated the winter solstice long before Christmas existed. In fact, this time frame was choses to coincide with the celebrations already in place by the Catholic Church. And if you really want to keep Christmas spiritual, how about we consider how commercialized it has become over the years. When I am seeing trees up in BJ’s in September, we have other issues.

And to you people who are offended by me saying “Happy Holidays” and want me to say Merry Christmas, I have one thing to say, thanks for assuming that I am Christian. I am offended by your existence, so we are even.

You saying Merry Christmas to me won’t offend me, but lets acknowledge that no everyone in the world has the same beliefs as you.

So to everyone that reads this, all nine of you, Merry Winter Solstice.

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