Physics of Cat Hair

When I have guests coming over, guests that I know about anyway, I clean my house. I clean it top to bottom. I learned that from my mom, except she cleaned for the unknown guests, just in case someone decided to stop by. And she cleans so much better than I do. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention. And I don’t clean for unexpected guests, but I do prefer my friends to think that I am a slight slob, not the giant slob that my mom knows I am. And this brings me to today’s blog. I had something else planned, but I just got done cleaning, and I am amazed at the physics of cat hair. Cat hair defies logic as well as laws of physics.

Now, before I go into the cat hair itself, I want it known that my cats are also slobs like me. I have to vacuum up a lot of cat food from around the cat dishes. They have dishes! Why don’t they eat over their bowls? No, they grab a mouthful, and then they just eat over the floor. I don’t even know why I bother with the bowls.  And it’s not just on the floor. I have to clean cat food off the walls. How the hell did the food get that high on the wall? It was a foot high at least. Was there a cat food fight? Anyway, onto the places I have found cat hair.

Ignoring the obvious places like the floor and carpets and my bed, some of the places I have found cat hair is amazing. I have found it on clothes hanging in a closet. Obviously one of the houseguests has found a new place to nap. Although, how cat hair got that high defies logic. I have found cat hair in the master bathroom sink. And this I can actually explain. Loki, being a maine coon, loves water. So whenever I am in the bathroom, he’s in there with me sitting on the sink, usually I turn on the faucet for him to drink out of. So, that’s explains that. Though having a cat guest in the bathroom is a little creepy.

I have found cat hair in the clothes washer. WHAT?!?!? Isn’t the washer self-cleaning? Why would there be cat hair there? Do the cat’s hang out in my washing machine and have meetings? Maybe that’s where they are plotting my demise.

And finally, today I had to vacuum my ceiling fan. That’s right, you read that correctly. And why? Because there was cat hair on the blades. How does that happen? I know in cartoons cats can walk on ceilings, but this is reality. Maybe my house has some reverse gravity center here. How does cat hair end up 10 feet up in the air? It is amazing. And it’s not like it was a little bit of cat hair, it was a lot of cat hair. A little dust, but a lot of cat hair.

I never understood why my mom had to clean so often, but I am finally beginning to understand.

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