Briefing Day

Today was a day that will live in infamy. Ok, that’s not true, but today was the day I had to brief the office on what I do. The boss’s boss wants the members of the office to brief everyone on our jobs. We were broken up into teams, and I was lucky enough to land on team one, which meant that we brief with the first group. I actually don’t mind, I wanted to get it out of the way. Well, until I heard that I will be doing this every 4 weeks. There are some fun times ahead. They tried to motivate us to submit our charts by saying those that turned in their charts late would be made to go first. Well, it turns out that a few of us wanted to go first. Get the pain out of the way early. I tried to go first, but I could only get to go third. The big boss was the first to go, and since he is the big cheese, I faked interest.

Briefing on what I am currently doing is not all that exciting. I manage a government contract. That’s it. Nothing exciting.

Now, most of the briefings were very formal and professional. And, since I really only care about my job, not all that interesting to me. Mine, however, was more fun. In fact, mine was probably the second funniest briefing given. I did brief on what I do, I process funding documents, I manage projects, I review contract documents. I cannot make that sound exciting. I also cannot say that what I will be doing in the future will be any different. So, I added enjoy Christmas dinner with the family and cage diving with great white sharks into my future activities. It did help that my direct boss added at this time that there might be an opening in our branch come October.

It got a laugh. It was fun. It was completely pointless. I have no interest in doing what the other teams do. In fact, if I were transferred to one of those teams, my full time job would become finding a new full time job.

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