The Cowardly Cat

Angel is a longhaired Persian and the most talkative roommate I have at the moment. But, she is one big coward. She is staying here because my parents are not able to live in their own house at the moment, and since I owe them my life, taking care of one of their cats is a small price to pay.

Now, Angel is a friendly cat, but she is skittish and scared of everything, possibly including her own shadow. Some guests I’ve had over, who have spent almost the entire day at my house, have never seen this cat. In fact, I am sure some of them think she is a figment of my imagination. But I swear, she’s real.

In fact, the only time she’s not scared of me is when I am laying in bed. She jumps up, pushes Loki off, and lies on y stomach. Purring away. But as soon as I move, to get up or to turn off the light, she flees from me. If she is eating and I have to walk past, she runs from me. I keep trying to tell her that no one is going to hurt her, but she’s a cat and doesn’t understand.

As a side note, which shows how much of a cat guy I am. When she is eating, I do my best not to disturb her. I will go out of my way to keep away from her, allowing her to eat peacefully.


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